"Frederika delivered a 3 hour bespoke wellbeing workshop to our whole staffing team. We found the workshop valuable in supporting not only our own wellbeing but also collectively as a team. She has helped shape our school wellbeing policy too. Staff have already started to use lots of the strategies suggested with great success. Thank you!"

"A reflective session that will allow me to make positive changes (and stick to them!)"

Senior Teacher, Bottesford Infant School

This session was thought-provoking and enaging.  It has left me with lots to consider as next steps for my school.

Faye Gibney, Vice Principal, Cheam Park Farm Primary Academy.

"A worthy hour and a half session with the very enthusiastic Fred who was inspiring on many levels, interesting and informative."

An excellent, interesting and though-provoking session, which really allowed me to think on a deeper level about inclusion and diversity in the workplace, both on a classroom and whole school level. We live and work in a ever changing world and as practitioners we must ensure we are inclusive and supportive of all levels of diversity. This workshop certainly encouraged me to think about this in a safe, collaborative and supportive session. Thank you again!

"A great morning of training with so many helpful tools to implement in school to support staff and pupil well-being. Fred is very friendly and approachable and her knowledge of well-being is vast."

Katie Robinson, Acting Headteacher, Lamplugh CE School

Wordcloud of one-word feedback from Ellenborough and Ewanrigg Infant School and Lamplugh CE School INSET

One-word feedback for staff & pupil wellbeing INSET at Ellenborough and Ewanrigg Infant School & Lamplugh CE School, January 2021

Virtual Workshops for Children

The Educate to Flourish team were due to come and deliver a wellbeing and character education workshop to Key Stage 2 children from across our schools when we had to close our doors to most children due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Undeterred, the team contacted us ahead of time as the situation developed and suggested alternative ways to deliver the content to our children, who needed it more than ever under the circumstances.  Instead of one workshop, they ran five virtual workshops - one per day - so they could reach our children in each school. 

Teachers and school leaders present in the workshops got in touch with me spontaneously afterwards to tell me how wonderful it was to see the children laughing and having fun while learning valuable practical wellbeing tools.

Additionally, the team created a video version specificallyfor our children being educated at home that we could distribute to parents.

Thank you Educate to Flourish - you have been a pleasure to work with virtually and we look forward to working with you again in person once circumstances allow!

Virtual Training for Staff

As part of their ongoing work supporting teachers from across our Trust with their Action Research projects into positive and character education, the Educate to Flourish team were due to run a catch-up CPD session when we had to close our doors to most children and staff due to the Coronavirus outbreak. 

This was a crucial session during which staff were going to be able to discuss their progress on their individual projects, get support from the team and each other, and plan the writing up stage.  Many staff were concerned that their months of hard work would be wasted due to the disruption to teaching and their projects.

The team contacted us ahead of time as the situation developed and suggested alternative ways to work with our staff.  They ran a virtual support session with staff attending from their respective homes, giving each participant time to discuss their individual project and providing specific feedback and support to each staff member present, discussing options for the best way forward for each participant.  They also offered - as they had done throughout the project - to support any staff member that needed it individually via phone or video chat. 

Thank you Educate to Flourish - throughout this project, you have been a pleasure to work with and we look forward to continuing our Action Research journey with you into the next academic year!

LEO Academy Trust Lion Logo
Malinda Young Associate Principal (Opportunity Hub), LEO Academy Trust

We first became aware of the Educate to Flourish team when we attended the Challenger Multi Academy Trust action research presentations.  We were so impressed by the research output and professionalism that we wanted to bring the team on board at the LEO Academy Trust to run a similar project.

We have now been working with the Educate to Flourish team for a few months.  In that time, they have pro-actively helped us attract participants from across the Trust’s schools into the project group.  They have delivered lively and informative positive and character education workshops and a full-day immersive research methods INSET that has left our staff enthused and ready to progress with their projects. 

It is a pleasure to see the work unfold in our schools and I can’t wait to see the outcome at the end of this pilot year, which marks the beginning of our exciting journey into action research as a means to keep developing our staff, their teaching practice and our Trust’s contribution to knowledge about wellbeing in education.

LEO Academy Trust Lion Logo
Phillip Hedger CEO, LEO Academy Trust

In my previous role as CEO of the Challenger Multi AcademyTrust (CMAT), I brought in the team to support staff across the Trust in carrying out Action Research projects into character education.

The team began by delivering an inspirational and rallying keynote at our annual Character Awards evening to draw interested staff into the project, then delivered a series of engaging training sessions (character education, research methods and report-writing) to participating staff - known as our ‘Character Champions’ - from across the Trust over the course of an academic year, supporting them via e-mail and telephone between training sessions. They also liaised with our creative agency, working to tight timescales, ensuring a professional research report document was produced in time for our Character Champions to present their research to an audience from within and outside the Trust.

This project empowered our staff to challenge themselves, developing their own character strengths as they explored character education methodologies to adopt in their classrooms, while also enabling them to share their findings with a wider audience to improve teaching practice beyond their own setting.

I would thoroughly recommend the Educate to Flourish team to other schools and Trusts wanting to undertake similar projects.

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Stephen Chamberlain CEO, The Active Learning Trust