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learning outcome 4: Staff development

Staff Development:

Supporting your own, your colleagues' and your pupils'/students' wellbeing

(course code SMHL014)


While it is crucially important for schools to take a proactive role in promoting the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people, there is often a lack of training for school staff to understand and implement evidence-based approaches.  

A whole school approach requires the mental health and wellbeing of everyone in the school community to be supported, starting with staff;  how can you support others if you are not well yourself? How can we retain brilliant teaching and non-teaching staff in the profession and in our schools if we don't look after them?

This course, focusing on the staff development aspects of whole school wellbeing (learning outcome 4, based on the PHE '8 Principles'1), will provide you with the tools, strategies and resources to support your own mental health, and to engage your colleagues and help them promote and support their own wellbeing and that of the pupils/students in your school.  

As a result of attending this course, undertaking a small amount of self-directed learning and attending the group coaching and supervision session, you will be able to write the ‘staff development’ element of your school’s mental health plan and have a strategy to implement it, thus taking an important step towards promoting and enhancing whole school wellbeing. 

This course has been quality assured for DfE grant-funded senior mental health lead training.


1 The Public Health England (PHE) 'Eight principles to promoting a whole school and college approach to emotional health and wellbeing' can be found in Promoting children and young people's emotional health and wellbeing: A whole school and college approach.

"The training was appropriately delivered by an extremely knowledgeable yet personable person and gave me lots to think about for the next step on our journey to developing our whole school approach to mental health and wellbeing."

Helen York Headteacher, Withinfields Primary School

COURSE dates

September 2022
  • Online workshop: Wednesday 7th September 2022 9.30am-12.30pm
  • Group coaching / supervision (online): Wednesday 28th September 2022, 10am-12noon
November - December 2022
  • Online workshop: Wednesday 16th November 2022, 1.30pm-4.30pm
  • Group coaching / supervision (online): Wednesday 7th December, 2pm-4pm
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  • 3-hour virtual (live/real time) workshop delivered via Zoom. Group size up to a maximum of 12 people.
  • 2-hour virtual (live/real time) group coaching/supervision session.
  • Self-directed learning (approximately 3 hours).
  • E-mail support from trainer for up to one year (including review of the strategic plan for staff development and wellbeing).

Additionally, you will need to set aside some time to write your plan.


£149 per person


This course has been DfE quality assured for DfE grant-funded senior mental health lead training.

For information about funding eligibility criteria, please see the DfE information pages (click).

DfE grand funding applications for senior mental health lead training are now open for the 2022/23 financial year (for courses commencing before 31st May 2022).  You can apply for a grant via this link(click).


who is this course for?

This is a beginner-level course aimed at senior mental health leads that are new to the role and/or have not previously completed senior mental health leadership training.

As it is a virtual course, it doesn't matter where in England you are based. The course is aimed at senior mental health leads in primary and secondary schools (including middle schools deemed primary or secondary).

If you are not a senior mental health lead but are interested in attending this course to support mental health and wellbeing through staff development in your school, please get in touch.

What support will be available?

You will be supported throughout the course through interactive, practical learning activities, guidance on creating their school’s mental health plan, and ad-hoc e-mail support during and after the course to answer any questions you may have, be signposted to additional information or review/discuss elements of your plan relating to the course.

Peer networking, collaboration and interactive learning

You will have the opportunity to explore, with your peers, what is already being done well in your respective settings, and to collaborate on building on this in your strategic plan (in the workshop and group coaching session).

There will also be opportunities to share personal wellbeing tools and strategies and to practise wellbeing techniques with your  peers in pair/group settings.

You will also be encouraged to remain in contact with the other Senior Mental Health Leads on the course (though of course there is no obligation to do so) for on-going peer support and sharing of best practice, and you will be signposted to additional peer support and information networks.