Do you want your staff to carry out action research?

Action research is a type of practitioner-led research that brings a number of benefits. This type of research can be invaluable as it is both practical and realistic and provides your staff with opportunities for personal growth. Additionally, by sharing their findings with the wider education community, your staff spread the word about the great work happening in your school or Trust.

How our team supports action research projects

Our team have hands-on academic research experience at Master's level and beyond. We also have extensive experience of delivering training. We can therefore make even the trickiest topics accessible and enjoyable.

Attract teaching and non-teaching staff into a research project group

We will deliver a CPD taster session to outline the benefits of action research. In this session, we can also introduce your staff to some of the theory and practice of positive and character education. These workshops are always lively and lots of fun!

A thorough grounding to prepare your staff to carry out their projects

We will provide your staff with all the practical tools they need. Our training formats include twilight CPD workshops and half- and full-day INSET training sessions.

Support in writing up research findings

After your staff have carried out their research projects, we will continue to support them. We'll help them review their findings and prepare their research reports. We will then, if required, work behind the scenes to work with your creative partners to produce a beautiful document you can proudly share.

CMAT Action Research Report Presentation Event
LEO Academy Trust Action Research | Research Methods Training 1
LEO Academy Trust Action Research | Research Methods Training 2
LEO Academy Trust Action Research | Research Methods Training 3
Action Research at LEO Academy Trust - Research Methods workshop
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Phillip Hedger
CEO, LEO Academy Trust

We have now been working with the Educate to Flourish team for a few months.  In that time, they have pro-actively helped us attract participants from across the Trust’s schools into the project group.  They have delivered lively and informative positive and character education workshops and a full-day immersive research methods INSET that has left our staff enthused and ready to progress with their projects. 

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Stephen Chamberlain
CEO, The Active Learning Trust

This project empowered our staff to challenge themselves, developing their own character strengths as they explored character education methodologies to adopt in their classrooms, while also enabling them to share their findings with a wider audience to improve teaching practice beyond their own setting.
I would thoroughly recommend the Educate to Flourish team to other schools and Trusts wanting to undertake similar projects.

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*Note: Before Educate to Flourish CIC was set up, Frederika Roberts and Elizabeth Wright worked together under the trading name of 'RWS | Resilience Wellbeing Success'.